Xbox Kinect Weight Loss Success!!!

It’s official!! I have been successful in losing weight with the Xbox Kinect!! Drum roll please…

I have lost 51lbs!!

35 lbs to go!


That’s right, 51lbs! I actually thought I had only lost 35lbs based on my numbers, but apparently I was off a wee bit! For once, I’m happy to admit I was wrong!

In other news, back in July, I was a bad patient and stopped taking my blood pressure pill.

I had been checking my blood pressure regularly and found that on the medication, my blood pressure was staying around 120/89 to 130/94, which I wasn’t happy with. When I stopped the medication, my blood pressure would stay around 120/85, which is much better.

I also found that when I was at home, my blood pressure would never get above 116/72, and it was usually 108/68, which is fantastic. But that also told me that it was stress from work that was causing my blood pressure to go up and not a health related issue.

I went to my physician and had my 6 month checkup last week, and I told my doctor about my little experiment. While he wasn’t happy about me stopping the med without approval, he understood why I did it.

When I went in for my appointment, the nurse checked my blood pressure, which was 120/78. That’s with no blood pressure pill, before going to work that day and after a workout. Interestingly, when I got to work my BP went up to about 138/85. So the bottom number was down, but the top number was up, which tells me it was work stress.

Don’t Try This at Home Kids

Now, I DO NOT recommend doing this without a doctor’s okay unless you have enough medical training to know what you are doing. I work in an ophthalmic practice with three medical doctors on staff and at least one of them is there daily. If I went into a hypertensive crisis, I could’ve gotten immediate help.

I also have 18 years in the medical field and have enough knowledge to know when to get help, and I carried my medication with me at all times, just in case. I was neurotic about checking my blood pressure, and did it about 10 times a day.

Okay 10 times might be an exaggeration, but at least three times a day at work, and two to three times after I got home. On my days off, I’d check it about five to six times a day. In other words, I watched my blood pressure like a hawk.

How I Did It

I was really concerned about my kidneys. After stopping my medication, I noticed that I started urinating more frequently, which makes sense because the medication I was on was a selective beta 1 adrenergic blocker.

It blocks stress hormones like adrenaline and norepinephrine from binding to beta 1 receptors, which are primarily found in the heart and kidneys. In essence, this means that the drug actually suppresses kidney function to a certain extent and lowers the heart rate.

But I also know that high blood pressure can be just as devastating to the kidneys as too much medication, so I was extremely cautious. I made sure that I worked out (including cardio AND weight training each workout) on days I went to work, and scheduled my rest days for my days off.

I took enough potassium to reach my 4700mg daily allowance and took my niacin and B complex vitamins religiously. I ate plenty of fruit and vegetables and limited my salt intake to under 1500mg. I was VERY strict about my diet, exercise and vitamin regimen.

I’m happy to say, I’m currently off my blood pressure medication, but I also have difficulty controlling at work. In an effort to keep my BP in check during the work day, at lunch I disappear into my exam room and listen to calming music while I work on a crochet project. For me, crochet is a fantastic stress reliever. I find it so calming. I also started listening to calming music while working.

It’s too early for results yet, since I just started this regimen. But I feel less stressed when I’m at work, which is a good sign.

I’m still maintaining my diet and working out on a daily basis, I try to exercise a minimum of four days a week, but I really need to workout six days. (That’s my New Year’s Resolution).

The holidays are just around the corner, but as a vegan, sticking to my diet is pretty simple, so I’m really not worried about adding back any pounds this holiday season. We obviously aren’t having a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Hubby is preparing a special meal, however. I’ll be posting pics of the delicious meal Friday.

Until then, have a fantastic Thanksgiving and if you can, take a walk after that big dinner to burn a few extra calories!



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