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I get a lot of questions about what I eat, and my diet has slowly evolved over the past six years. I have gone from eating a high protein diet of mostly turkey and minimal amounts of red meat to vegetarian, to vegan.

We’ve been vegetarian, mostly vegan, for about three years. In January of 2016, we went 100% vegan (with one exception – our fish oil supplement).

My current diet is a high fat, high protein vegan diet with minimal carbs and almost no processed sugars. The most common question I get now?

Where do you get your protein?

Protein is in everything. Proteins are just long chains of amino acids and are the building blocks of just about everything. Everything organic anyway.

So anything you eat contains protein, somethings have more protein than others. Most people believe meat has the most protein, but it has the most animal protein, not all of which is bioavailable (able to be used for fuel readily).

Protein from plants is more bioavailable, although not all plants. In answer to the above question, I get my protein from everything I eat.

I do increase my protein intake by using certain products including:

We also add healthy fats, specifically lots of Omega 3 fatty acids, to our diet using a variety of different products including:

  • Earth Balance Olive Oil Spread
  • Follow Your Heart Original Veganaise
  • Earth Balance Coconut and Peanut Spread
Butter and mayo replacement
Omega 3 supplements



  • 16 oz Bulletproof Coffee with 2 tbsp. of MCT Oil and Silk Vanilla Almond Creamer
  • 16 oz Hemp Protein Smoothie made with:
    • 8 oz chocolate cashew milk
    • 8 oz frozen raspberries
    • 2tbsp MCT Oil
    • 2 tbsp. Flaxseed powder
    • 2 tbsp. Chocolate Hemp Protein Powder
    • 2 tbsp. High Protein Hemp Powder
Hemp Protein Supplement

Mid Morning Snack

  • 1 Medium Sized Banana or
  • 1 Raw Revolution Live Food Bar – Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
Raw Revolution Bars


I have the same lunch every day, especially when I’m working at the clinic. I know, kinda boring. But I’m a creature of habit!

  • Morning Star Roasted Garlic & Quinoa Burger with banana peppers, nutritional yeast, veganaise and tons of greens wrapped up in burrito wrap
  • Raw Revolution Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Live Food Bar (for a 2:30pm snack)


We are currently transitioning to a vegan version of the Eat Fat Get Thin diet so dinner is always something different. We typically use Morning Star Crumbles or Gardein Beef and Chicken Replacements along with greens, veggies or other sides. We avoid pasta, but we do sometimes use rice and beans.

Meat Replacements

We have tried to cut out all processed foods, flour and white sugar. But I still add sugar to my coffee and tea, but I’m working on cutting that out of my diet too.

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